Bucket List Hottie

With a nasty divorce behind me, and finally being free from the confines of my wedding band, I decide to do something for me. No more people pleasing, no more kissing butts, and no more putting me last.
With the help of my friend Bridget, I come up with a bucket list. Anything and everything I’ve ever wanted to do was jotted down with no more than a single thought.
#1- Travel solo.#2- Get a tattoo.#3- Sing karaoke.
What I wasn’t expecting though was him.
Mason Daniels is fine, and I swear I hit the jackpot when he offers to be my tour guide around Rio.
They say the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one, but Mason is running from his problems too. On top of that, he’s thirteen years my junior. Do we really have a shot when the odds are already stacked against us?